Thursday, September 13, 2012

EGD biopsy results back

Although I haven't seen the official report, I did talk to the medical assistant yesterday and heard that my biopsy results showed no h pylori, no cancer (always good to hear) but confirmed gastritis. I have had positive h pylori antibody tests indicating at least a past Infection. I've been on so many antibiotics this last year in particular that it not surprising to me that it was eradicated along the way. 
So the course the action sounds simple. Ppi's until healed. Of course nothing is that simple. I have been struggling with new ppi's this week which is very frustrating. We've settled back on protonix but 2xday now. Unfortunately that is also causing major side effects like immense fatigue/drowsiness, headache and depression. And overall just doesn't seem to work as well as the ones that gave me similar but maybe worse side effects (dexilant and nexium).  At this point I'm not sure what to do. I've tried dexilant at half dose since I realized everything I was given is at high doses but I still did very poorly with dizziness and extreme drowsiness plus horrible muscle pain. I've been given the option to try aciphex but have tried that in the past with bad results as well. Staying on protonix doesn't seem to be an option since it didn't work as well and gives me side effects.
I think I am most annoyed that I am so groggy from these pills. Not what I need. I'm trying to feel better in that regard right now. Sigh...
I've got a call in to my cfs Dr to discuss all this and see where to go from here. Thinking of trying nexium at half dose next to see if I can struggle by with that. Anybody have any insight?
I'd like to say this is not related to Rituxan but another patient I know of is having epigastric pain as well. However we have different lab results so who knows.


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